About us

It all started with…

love to a horse named Czuszka and a dream of a little girl to create a place where everyone could learn to ride a horse.

We have always dreamt of breeding horses. However, we lacked an appropriate place. During one of our local trips around Nowe Miasto, our feet lead us to Hermanów, an old and collapsing farm. Unique location and picturesque surroundings stole our hearts there and then.

The beginning was modest. However, years of hard work, difficulties, but also many moments of joy from the development have made Hermanów a real horse farm. What we have accomplished was possible mainly thanks to the involvement of the whole family.

Experience and fresh perspective, respect for tradition and openness to change and new trends, but first of all love for people, horses, nature and good fun - all that has made the Horse Farm in Hermanów a unique place.

Our work has been awarded many times:

  • second place at Best Active Rest Resort of Greater Poland in 2005,
  • second place at Safe Farm of the region in 2013,
  • Ambassador of Środa Wielkopolska County in 2010,
  • first place at Best Tourist Resort of rural areas of Greater Poland in 2012.